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DANYEL LEATHER COMPANY is one of the largest and the most dynamic companies involved in the manufacturing of fur and leather clothing. All Danyel products are made in Turkey, Izmir factory which is listed as one of the biggest tanneries of Europe. Combining artistic ability an experience, using the best quality materials and applying the most advanced manufacturing methods, the company’s fully trained and extremely skilled staff produces unique creations from fur and leather.

From 2009 Danyel company is based also in Egypt, Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh cities and rightfully considered is the leading company in the sector.

We have a respectful market share with our rich number of outlet stores. Our company aims to carry the name it owns further and meanwhile to make you, our dear customers, feel special...

Hurghada - EGYPT

El Mohamdi Howidak Road, Abu Ashara Bld. Next to Mubarak 2

+20 106 661 88 03

Sharm El Sheikh - EGYPT

El Salam Str. Inside the
Roman Theater

+20 106 133 35 78

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